2019 Workshops & Phototours

Tampa - Night Photography

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Join me on a two part photography workshop geared towards photographing and editing nightscapes

Dates and times are Sat/Sun August 17/18, (Sat 6-9:30pm and Sun 10am-2pm) &

Sat/Sun August 24th/25th, (Sat 6-9:30pm and Sun 10am-2pm)

You will Learn how to:

-Capture scenes at night using multiple exposures 

-Proper techniques to produce the best quality files

-Tips on creating unique compositions

-How to edit photos and blend multiple exposures

-How to export properly for different uses including web and print


-Print your top two photos (materials provided) on 13x19" premium fine art paper, which will be ready to frame (or sell for a profit) in class

-Basics of success with social media for business

-Tips for starting a photography business, building a portfolio, branding, and business practices for handling sales of your work and services (start to finish)

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This private workshop will consist of two sessions and be limited to 6 participants for personalized one-on-one hands on learning. There is an option for two Wednesday nights (one week apart) and a Thursday night, with second session the following Saturday morning (better option for those coming in town for workshop).

Dates and times are Sat/Sun August 17/18, (Sat 6-9:30pm and Sun 10am-2pm) &

Sat/Sun August 24th/25th, (Sat 6-9:30pm and Sun 10am-2pm)

Day 1: Will consist of 3.5 Hr in field instruction in Downtown Tampa, where I will take you to three iconic spots and show you in a personalized setting, how to shoot in raw format to achieve optimal files for editing and printing. We will focus on techniques and composition. The spots that I'll be taking you to have produced some of my most licensed and printed Tampa photos (this will be valuable in second part). 

Day 2: Will be in a classroom setting for 3.5 hrs where I will show you how to edit the files we created from first session, using editing software. We will go over blending multiple files stacked to create clean and high dynamic range images, ready to export to print, post, or sell. I will show you best practices for editing to print your photos, and we will print two of your edited photos on 13x19" Premium Lustre Fine Art Paper.

As a bonus I will be talking about photography as a business, creating a style and brand, social media, and advice on how to pitch clients, and best practices (creating estimates/invoices/contracts), for creative freelance work. This part of the session may run a bit over 3.5hrs*

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Price is $475 USD 

You'll have two options to sign up for class. First option is 50% Deposit to secure your spot, and 50% due first day, before workshop. Second option is to pay full upfront and receive 10% Discount. Upon signing up you will be emailed a list of details for locations and a checklist of what to bring. There will be software and plugins used, of which you will be notified. If you don't already have them, there is a 30 day trial available for your use to start and for workshops.

What's included: -

Personalized Instruction - In field, and In classroom

-Two premium photo prints for your personal or professional use

-Access to private facebook community for networking and image posting/reviewing

What's not included: Any equipment - Including camera, tripods, remote shutters, computers or software.

-Transportation or lodging in Tampa

- You will be responsible for arranging transportation to and from each location, and to the office in second session for classroom instruction. If you need help with this feel free to reach out to me.

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee that you will book work from this, sell prints or become famous on social media (lol). I can only provide you the tools and explain what has worked for me. Feel free to email me with any questions at john@weatherbyphotography.com.

Deposit is non-refundable to hold your spot (limited to 6). If cancelation is needed the fee can be applied to a future workshop. 

What you will need to bring:

-A DSLR with at least one wider angle lens, preferably zoomable

-A tripod

-A remote shutter release if you have one (or self timer function on camera)

-A Computer capable of installing and using software to edit

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