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I'm a firm believer that the best thing you can invest in as a photographer is your knowledge of photography. You can have all the top notch equipment and best subjects to work with, but the key is learning how to execute your desired results. The cameras we use and subjects we shoot are just resources. How you use them will make all the difference.

I offer one on one training in person and via Skype. Topics include everything from scouting locations, composition, general photography, settings, lighting, retouching, and business/social media coaching. 

Becoming a great photographer takes time, patience, and practice. I believe you can save time in the process by working with a skillful teacher. If you are interested in training shoot me an email via the contact form. We can discuss your specific needs and pricing. Also available as a gift certificate. 

Hourly rate for training via skype or in person is typically $100/Hr. Sessions can be recorded for unlimited review of video with audio. Reach out to me directly to book a session, or to get a quote for a personalized private workshop. 

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